The Best Chicken Soup You’ll Ever Eat


The BEST chicken soup you’ll ever eat is the best homemade nourishing healthy soup when you’re feeling under the weather. Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients like ginger, turmeric, and garlic. This is the BEST CHICKEN SOUP RECIPE EVER! RECIPE: .





  1. If u want to do the whole health thing I would just skip the whole frying thing in the beginning and just boil all the vegetables and aromatics with the chicken . Frying produces carcinogens. Maybe very small amounts, but still u don't wanna be frying tuneric and ginger anyway

  2. I have a sick family member so I decided to make this for him as a medicinal soup. I made it almost as written. I added a potato and some mixed veggies. I also replaced the Caucasus with small cut Fideo noodles. I also used an instant pot. It was very good! The ginger was a bit strong but as someone suggested, added some lemon juice. My daughter added sour cream to make it creamy and lessen the spiciness of the ginger. The rest will go to my sick family member! Thanks !

  3. The soup is on the boil so I can't feedback anything about the taste yet.

    The video, however ì I found stressful to follow while cooking. This for 2 reasons. 1) You had a lot of extraneous information that you provided as you added things to the pot. This meant that while I was cooking I had to go through the extraneous information at the stove. That information is great, and I'm thankful you provided it but that's information that's useful BEFORE the cook, say during the prep stages. For me, when I'm by the stove the ONLY info I want is what goes in the pot and when. 2) you absolutely blitzed through that valuable at-the-stove info. I turn to add an ingredient and you are already giving us the nice to know info about the next ingredient.

    So I have to go back and watch the recipe again and again, sitting through how great garlic is, health benefits of turmeric, fresh over dried herbs, little gnocchis etc. In fact you blitzed over the garlic step so quickly that I still hadn't registered when I was supposed to add the garlic after several views.

    That makes this recipe video more for entertainment than actually being a helpful guide in the kitchen. And that's a shame. Anyone can make an entertainment video about food. But it's the tutors that actually make a difference.

    I suggest that you start with a shopping list segment where you go through every ingredient and give us all that great info you have. We would understand and retain it a lot better before we have things on the stove and we can't concentrate because we can't remember where you mentioned an ingredient causing us to be lost in the cook.

    After you have done a shopping list segment, you can move to the actual cook and there you keep it on point. If ingredients are going in close to each other keep it really clear. If it's going to take 30mins to get a pot of chicken broth to a simmer before you start the clock, then don't go through it by saying "bring it to a boil" and leading us to think that's going to happen imminently. Let us know how long that's going to take. Maybe if you know there's 30mins time boiling at med-high heat, then THAT might be time for your extra information.

    Your information and presentation was wonderful. Maybe just tweak the formatting so it's more real-time relevant when one is actually cooking at the stove.

    Thank you for the video. I'm sure it will make a really nice soup.

  4. Thank you so much. I made an approximate version of this chicken soup and it still tasted super delicious. I just didn't have all the ingredients at the time and wasn't feeling that good to go out. The difference is that I used 8 cups of water to feed a big family, dry versions of the spices, 1 chicken bullion since I didn't have chicken stock, no couscous, used just carrots and onions, and added some flat style Asian noodles. I boiled 2 chicken breast while cooking the ingredients and shredded them later. Had the same effect of making chicken stock.

  5. Made this today. I do recommend making your own broth, i just took 2 chicken legs slowly cooked them in water n used that broth. Then i took of the skin and bones and pulled the meat apart. Legs are more tender than chicked breast. Then i just added the chicken back in later. I also recommend skimming off the foam to keep it nice and clear.
    Thanks for the recipe, will be making it again. Family loved it.

  6. I’m sorry for the mean and nonsense comments . I personally found this recipe very helpful and will me making it tomorrow for a friend who’s home sick . Thanks a lot !
    Ps: I’m not a nutritionist either but I love to share recipes with friends and specially if they’ve helped me recover while I’ve been under the weather .

  7. I'm getting so tired of these woke food videos. I don't need to be told about the health benefits of the ingredients. Stop pretending to be a nutritionist. Everybody knows this stuff already. I want to know about flavor and nothing else. Please stick to that. Thank you.

  8. I make a similar recipe. Same ingredients just a different procedure process. I dice my vegetables, (onion, celery and garlic) thin slice my carrots and chunk dice my chicken. I put the vegetables in the pot first and let them soften over high heat (about 3 minutes) I then add the chicken, broth or stock and additional bullion stock. When the chicken is fully cooked I add the noodles and let the soup simmer for 1 hour. It turns out really really good.