The best cabbage soup for weight loss | Eat this for 7 days to lose some pounds!


This soup will not only help you to lose weight, it will also cleanse your system, replenish your body and keep you staying hydrated and healthy. It is also suitable for everybody. INGREDIENTS: * Cabbage (the hard one) * Fresh Tomatoes * Yellow and Red Bell Peppers * Zucchini * Carrots * Scotch Bonnet Peppers * Scallions / Spring onions * Celery Stalks * Sweet corn * Mushrooms * Chicken breast * Salt * Oregano * Thyme * Adobo Seasoning * Ginger * Garlic * Extra Virgin Olive Oil





  1. My love how are you my name is Georgina sbo I have been watching you channel for sometime now nd by the time you were pregnant I loved you the most BCS you used to encarrage people who can't have children nd I was pregnant that time I just want to tell you saved my life that time you are a good woman please keep it up may the good LORD bless nd bless you you are a good woman may God bless you heart

  2. The one ingredient I don’t understand is corn, isn’t all corn GMO? Isn’t corn difficult to digest? Also, some of the bullion cubes have MSG yes which has been shown to attack the nervous system. I used bone broth instead. I also used parsley andCilantro which gave it a lot of flavor. I also bought these tiny organic mushrooms that I chopped up and use it as a garnish over the top of the serving, quite tasty!

  3. This is the best cabbage soup ever. I’ve made cabbage soup before and could not finish it. But this recipe is the bomb. I made a large pot and I have eaten just about half the pot in one day. Girl thank you soooo much. I will follow you. God bless 🙏👍🏾😋


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