The Absolute Best Italian Pasta Salad for Summer Picnics


Test cook Keith Dresser makes Bridget a foolproof Italian Pasta Salad.

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  1. HELLOOOO BRIDGET…….His Salad although it looks Amazing & Almost Perfect seems to be lacking the One Key Element to Bringing & Holding it All Together …. PEPPER JACK Cheese Cubes , Small Little Cubes of that Spicey Tasty cheese about Half the size & amount of the MOZZARELLA so as to NOT OVERBEAR it but just compliment in from the background ….Otherwise this is about as Perfect a Pasta Salad as there ever can be …………..

  2. Pasta salad at the bottom of the pyramid? Since when? There are always a pasta salad at family cook outs and every one enjoys them. They are great leftover to. She made me laugh when she said no one is eating them maybe no one is eating her pasta salad that she made and the host is trying to get rid of her pasta salad by sending people home with it. Btw I am making pasta salad for my daughter and her husband this weekend so they can enjoy it for the week with their meals. They are happy to have it.

  3. For a hypertensive person like myself, that is a huge sodium bomb! However, I absolutely love the idea elf blending things together to make the sauce thicker so that it doesn't end up at the bottom of the bowl. I also love blooming the olive oil with the garlic before adding it into the salad. I will definitely take away some great tips from this video but I will not be making this specific recipe.

  4. I made this pasta salad last night. After tasting it, I decided to chill it in the fridge overnight to let the flavors develop. I have not yet added the arugula or fresh basil. Letting it "age" overnight improved the flavors. However, the texture is too one-note for me. I haven't decided yet, but I'm thinking of adding chopped celery or chopped cucumber (which will first be peeled and seeded). Great flavor, but I feel it needs more texture. JMO

  5. I made this dish the day before the event. I mixed everything as the recipe called for with half the basil into the dish and let it set overnight in the fridge and I’m glad I did as the basil soaked into this pasta, it really tasted good in the dish. The next day it was a little dry and you couldn’t taste much of the oil dressing so I whipped up another batch of dressing and added it to the pasta with the rest of the basil and a spring mix lettuce instead of the spicy arugula of which I’m not a huge fan of. It was really tasty and everyone went back for seconds. 😊 Thanks ATK for making me look like a good cook 🤣🌺