The 9 Best Ketogenic Diet Ingredients


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Here is a list of the best keto ingredients to help keep you on the right track to meeting your health goals. 

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0:05 The 2 principles of the best keto ingredients 
0:12 The best ketogenic diet ingredients
3:43 The worst keto ingredients (dirty keto)

Today I’m going to share with you the best ketogenic diet ingredients. If you’re wondering what to eat on keto, or you want to start cooking some new keto recipes, this video is for you.

This list of keto ingredients is based on two things:

1. Low-carb
2. Nutrient-dense 

The best ketogenic diet ingredients:

1. Shellfish 
Main benefits: zinc, selenium, iodine, chromium, DHA

2. Wild-caught salmon 
Main benefits: DHA, EPA

3. Leafy greens 
Main benefits: potassium, magnesium, vitamin C

4. Sardines 
Main benefits: DHA, EPA

5. Organic pasture-raised eggs 
Main benefit: loaded with vitamins 

6. Cruciferous vegetables 
Main benefit: phytonutrients 

7. Avocados 
Main benefit: healthy fats 

8. Extra virgin organic olives/olive oil 

9. Grass-fed grass-finished beef 

The worst keto ingredients (dirty keto):

1. Corn 
Most corn is GMO

2. Yogurt 
Contains a lot of sugar

3. Commercial chicken 
Is processed and fed grains 

4. Processed meat
Contains nitrates, hidden sugar, may contain MSG, is not grass-fed

5. Processed cheese
Is processed and not grass-fed

6. Spinach
Is loaded with oxalates
7. Nuts (almonds)
Almonds are loaded with oxalates 

8. Vegetable oils
Are typically GMO

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Not all keto foods are actually healthy. Here are the best ketogenic diet ingredients that will help keep you happy and healthy.





  1. The only doctors I trust: Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Stan Ekberg and Dr. Jason Fung. You sirs really changed my life and I am cincerely grateful. I have been struggeling with my weight all my life since my early teens. It's a lifestile and not a diet. I have been doing IF for a couple of months so far, started doing OMAD and prolonged fasts recently. I have never felt better and I enjoy my mental clarity. Thank you Dr. Berg!

  2. Unfortunately I can not buy organic meat at the moment as our butchers are closed during our lockdown here in New Zealand 🇳🇿 and our meat is super expensive
    Also I thought cheese is part of keto diet? I see people adding cheese to their egg omelette with spinach:
    Now I’m really confused:

  3. Lot's of comments to look through so I'll just pose the question again if it's already been asked.

    What if people can't afford Grass Fed/Finished beef? In normal times it's pretty expensive but in today's pandemic world, it's even more expensive as is everything.

  4. Very good information. The problem I have where I live is that there is no organic certificate. No legislation in this regard. And it is impossible to know how the animals were raised. So those requirements can only be met by raising your food yourself. On top of it, soybeans are planted in which glyphosate is used. I can't think of a solution.

  5. I learn everyday my friend. I'm 66 years old and I'm on my way of being in the best shape of my life..
    You are a great Doctor.
    Intermittent fasting has been my strength.
    I stick to the 16 off and 8 hours on
    3 eggs in the morning with toast.
    For lunch…A big salad with carrots. Pine nuts dried beets, with olive garden dressing and balsamic.
    Dinner I change it up,
    Either tuna, fatter burger, turkey burger, with vegetables and a small salad.
    I'm satisfied and as my wife says.looking good..
    Thanx Doc…

  6. Peace 💙and 💛Blessings❤ Too My Brother💛 May ❤God ✌Bless💜 You 💚Always 💛May❤ God💜 Bless💚 You💛 Richly ✌with Everything💙 You❤ need 💜Always Much 💛Love💛 Blessings✌ Always 🎇💯💛😇🌐🌈💯✌❤💛💚❤💚💛💛💚❤💛💛💛💛💛💛💛✌💯