The 8 Cleanest Keto Foods that No One is Talking About


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The 8 Cleanest Keto Foods that No One is Talking About- Thomas DeLauer

Here are 8 of my favorite clean keto foods that you may not have heard about before! Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!






  1. Thank you so much for always sharing such insightful and helpful information!

    I’d love to snack on seaweed, but all the seaweed snacks I’ve seen (such as at Costco and my local Asian grocery store) are toasted or roasted with industrial seed oils. Anyone know of a brand that makes seaweed snacks with a high-quality fat that can withstand high temperatures without oxidizing (or no fat at all)? Thank you!

  2. Rhubarb, just watched your video of 7 worst vegetables which included Rhubarb alongside Spinach and Chard… So how can it be include within the worst and also be one of the cleanest… I find with a lot of this KETO information that there are a lot of contradictions of what is good, OK, and bad!