THAI OXTAIL SOUP !! 🐂 Amazing HALAL FOOD in Phang Nga, Thailand !! 🇹🇭 ซุป หาง วัว พังงา


🎥 Thai Food – Huge Fish: 👍 100% Real Durian Chips – Order Here: 🍽️ Malita Restaurant (ร้าน ซุป หาง วัว (มา ลิ ตา): PHANG NGA, THAILAND – I loved visiting Phang Nga, one of the most beautiful provinces in Thailand. . The people are incredibly friendly and hospitable, and the food is ultra flavorful. One of the restaurants I was looking forward to visiting most when in Phang Nga, Thailand, was Malita Halal Oxtail Soup (ร้าน ซุป หาง วัว (มา ลิ ตา) – known for her Thai oxtail soup, but also with a full range of different Halal southern Thai food. #Halal #ThaiFood #Thailand Malita Halal Oxtail Soup (ร้าน ซุป หาง วัว (มา ลิ ตา) – We arrived for lunch and it was first cool to see them prepare the different ox parts that went into the soup. But I also go to watch Khun Malita as she prepared a fresh batch of southern Thai style goat curry. For the oxtail, it’s simmered until soft and fall apart tender and all the fat has been rendered out. I ordered: Oxtail soup ซุป ตีน วัว, additionally foot soup, and the ribs soup Goat curry แกง Sour curry, climbing perch แกงส้ม ปลา หมอ Chicken massaman มัสมั่น ไก่ Fried salt fish ปลาเค็ม ทอด In order to make her oxtail soup (ซุป หาง วัว), Khun Malita first added the tender meat to your bowl. Then she added in fresh chilies, a handful of herbs, some extra spices, and a lime juice. The best thing about Thai food style oxtail soup is that it makes use of both hot soup and cold ingredients like chilies and celery leaves – making your entire bowl of oxtail soup both hot and refreshing at the same time, full of an herbal kick. And the lime juice contrasting the hot chili peppers is amazing. Along with oxtail soup (ซุป หาง วัว), you’ll find an assortment of Halal Southern Thai curries to order. I tried the massaman chicken curry, a fish curry with small sour mangoes, three types of oxtail soup, salted fish, and her outstanding curry goat. All the dishes were superb, cooked with love, and the flavors were mind blowing. And while every dish was delicious, I would not go to Malita Halal Oxtail Soup (ร้าน ซุป หาง วัว (มา ลิ ตา) without eating a few bowls of her oxtail soup – it’s incredibly delicious. Malita Restaurant (ร้าน ซุป หาง วัว (มา ลิ) ตา): Total price – 500 THB (15.38 USD) 🎵MUSIC: ————————————————— 🍌100% Real Durian Chips – Order Here: 👕Get t-shirts and caps : —————————————————— 📱FOLLOW: Instagram: Facebook:.





  1. Everytime I watch his vids, I get a home sick feelung in my stomach & heartache because I wanna go back to Thailand 😪 brings back so many heartfelt, happy memories I treasure to this day. I really love Thailand & their food, lifestyle & beautiful, picturesque country ❤😊

  2. Why isn’t Ying ever on camera? She’s treated almost like a second class citizen and she’s his wife. I’m certain she’s informed him regarding most Thai cuisine and she did it yet again by telling him to start with the oxtail soup before the fat gets hard. I don’t get it. It sounds very colonial. Don’t let the natives or the help get on camera. I’ve enjoyed his videos but this has started to bother me.


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