Testing 3 Ingredient Keto Recipes!


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We are Emily and Sarah, identical twin sisters from Chicago who have lost 160 lb following a ketogenic lifestyle. We would love to be a part of your ketogenic weight loss journey! We post recipes, vlogs, advice and motivation about weight loss and keto. We are proof that keto is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle that we intend to follow forever!

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  1. Sarah says "the recipe called for one cup but we put in the whole can"….also Sarah.."this is not our recipe, we are just testing it out".
    These twins 😂😂😂 are hilarious. Note to Sarah……technically this isn't the person's recipe either, because you changed it.
    I laugh so much watching them prepare recipes…their banter, Emily's facial expression… etc.

  2. Girls, would this work with coconut milk or coconut cream? Would love to see you try some things where you swap the whipping cream for coconut? I am not dairy-free, but often have coconut cans and not heavy whipping cream. That said…some dairy-free recipes would be great to see! Thanks for another great video. God bless.