Teriyaki Salmon Bowl | Healthy Meal Prep Recipe


Teriyaki Salmon Bowl Recipe:

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This delicious sweet and savory Teriyaki Salmon Bowl is fresh, healthy, and perfect for meal prep. It starts with a simple homemade teriyaki sauce and gets added nutrition from cucumber, avocado, and edamame. It is a must-try!

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  1. Hi Sara 💞 I haven't tuned in for quite awhile…I moved in October to my OWN apartment 😃 no more roommates 😁…I have my own cute little 1br with a cute kitchen 💞so, I'm excited to binge watch some of your cooking videos 🥰
    You look great! I really love your hairstyle 🎉☺️

  2. 0:29 honestly, that's what I've been doing since new year. I need a break from my standard rotation between chicken, turkey and lean pork/beef.

    Salmon, cod and shrimp. Love all 3 of those, but I'm gonna have to sell a kidney if I keep eating like that since prices of those lately are absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Sara Lynn I was wondering if you have any tips on cooking up a flavourful lamb tajine ; we have a new halal butcher in town and I got beautiful lamb shoulder chunks and I’m used to making a tajine w/ beef or chicken but never tried it w/ lamb before but my husband and I love the sweet flavour of a good raised young lamb ❤🤤