Classic comfort food just in time for the holidays! This crispy baked vegan mac and cheese is so incredibly creamy, indulgent, and delicious that no one will miss the dairy.

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  1. I made this last night (the day you posted-lol). In my years of being vegan I have made probably 20 mac and cheese recipes. This one is the best. Nisha, you've cracked it. Last night my husband said, through mouthfuls of this pasta – "IDK what you're having for lunch tomorrow, but dibbs." Thank you for being a trustworthy recipe writer. It is so valuable knowing I can follow what you say and know it will be good. (e.g. using coconut milk for this recipe. I would not have done that, but I trusted you that it wouldn't be coconuty and it wasn't!)

  2. Thank you for this recipe Nisha, you make vegan cooking joyful! I prepared the sauce this evening and will assemble the dish tomorrow, and as a part time vegan (sorry ^_^ ), I thought the sauce does taste a little cheesy (exactly like a mac & cheese one would), but also a little sweet, and that bothered me. Have you tried using blander squash types like acorn or spaghetti squash in this or other similar squash-based cheesy sauces? I find that the squash gives them a nice texture, but butternut is definitely too sweet for me when I am striving for a cheesy sauce stand in.

  3. I've tried to make vegan cheese sauce 3 times, I'm convinced vegans don't know what cheese tastes like. The nutritional yeast in any quantity above 1 TBS makes the cheese sauce smell like feet. That's the only problem. Coconut milk, or Greek yogurt if you're just kinda vegan, give it the creamy mouthfeel it should have. But that nutritional yeast is pure hell. Premade vegan cheese sauces from trader joes solve this problem somehow, but home made is a different ballgame. Tabitha Brown has a recipe people won't shut up about but she uses 2 premade cheeses in the sauce and vegan butter for her mac and cheese which just makes everything crazy expensive. What is the nutritional yeast solution??

  4. I really appreciate your recipes, I am trying to get healthy and after only a few weeks of eating vegan I couldn't stop thinking about pizza, but as soon as I added a little bit more oil to my food, that thought went away. I am grateful your recipes tend to have more fat than other vegan channels on youtube, channels often hosted by extremely fit people, who's lifestyles require more restrictive/controlled diets than im interested in.

  5. Nisha.. I just want to cry.. I spent 2 hours prepping and preparing this dish which called for panko bread crumbs.. after done I looked up panko crumbs to see if they were gluten free (as I used gluten free elbow mac) and found that panko breadcrumbs contain “milk” product! I seriously want to cry right now.. I am trying so hard my first week and spent so much money in spices beans etc etc then find out your dish calls for “white” miso which I don’t have so subbed out tamari.. then find out the bread crumbs contain milk products. 😥😥😥 I wish you were available to talk to.. as it feels overwhelming.. Gma Jo

  6. Talk about comfort food. This is the perfect cold weather dish. So much umami! It tastes just like regular mac & cheese. I'm making this for the second time today. Nisha, literally ALL of your recipes have been a success in my kitchen. Thank you so much for all you do! 💜

  7. I just made this, and accidently ended up eating half the bowl haha, but in my defense it was just that good! I did sub out the cashews for an equal amount of silken tofu(because cashews are very expensive where I live), but it tasted so delicious that I don't think it mattered. Thank you for sharing!