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India’s first karela biscuit – Taste Good.
Great All-in-one – Karela, Oats, Almonds, and wheat made it a Healthy snack to Make You Healthy. With these natural, low calorie and protein-rich foods, Taste Good is a diabetic-friendly, healthy, delicious snack biscuit.

Diabetes is a fast-growing epidemic in India. 6% of Indians are diabetic, and 11% pre-diabetic. Karela/kakarkaya/mugidide – a bitter gourd is known by many names but consumed for the same reasons to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Highly recommended in Ayurveda.

Each Taste Good Karela biscuit contains the goodness of 20 gm of karela. Each biscuit has 41.5 kcal of energy. One pack contains 5 sachets with 2 biscuits each. Thus one pack has 10 biscuits.

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