Tacos for Diabetics – and Burritos and Quesadillas and Pizza and…


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In this video Dennis and Benedicta Pollock share ways that diabetics can eat tacos, burritos, quesadillas, pizza, and fajitas – AND STILL KEEP THEIR GLUCOSE LEVELS LOW!

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Standard Tortilla Recipe:
In a small bowl mix
– 1 whisked egg
– 1 tbsp almond flour
– 1 tbsp whey protein isolate
– 1 tbsp whole psyllium husks
– 1.5 tbsp heavy whipping cream
Blend/whisk together. Pour on plate or round silicone baking mat. Microwave for 75 – 95 seconds, depending on the power of your microwave

Thinner Tortilla recipe:
Same as above but leave out the psyllium husks and use 2-3 tbsp of heavy whipping cream. Also spread the mixture a little thinner on the plate.

Flax seed recipe:
Same as original recipe but use ground flax seed rather than almond flour.

Serious Keto video about LC Microwave tortilla –

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Whole (not ground) Psyllium Husks –
Ground Flaxseed –
Coconut wraps –
Mission Carb Balance Tortillas –
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  1. I love your videos Dennis and I thank God for what you are doing. You know no matter how much I fast; intermittent fasting and fasting for spiritual reasons 3 days and nights no food no water. My sugar never ever goes under 100. It’s depressing. I don’t understand my body. Feel like I’m starving myself at times this sugar thing is so stubborn. I love your vids. I believe God can heal my body.I just want my body to be normal. Been diabetic since my late 20s now I’m early 50s. It’s better than where I was but nowhere I need to be.

  2. Dennis! Have you tried making a tortilla out of baked whipped egg whites?? I just did for tonight’s dinner and omg i cant believe how good it was. ONE ingredient!! I found the recipe on youtube by Tania Borg “Keto Burritos”. She posted about 6 months ago. Please try it in your channel!!! It’ s a game changer for me!!!

  3. i like the egg life wraps…the plain has 0 carbs and the southwestern has 1 carb per wrap. Not quite a tortilla, per se, but very good. Also Maria Emmerich has a great egg white recipe that uses egg whites and egg white powder. Very good, as well. Plus the same recipe can be used to make PSMF bread, pancakes, etc.

  4. Your information helped me to have a top “crust” for a beef pot pie. I made my filling and was missing having a readymade crust, when I remembered your pizza crust using two low carb tortillas with mozzarella cheese between them. I put one low carb tortilla on top of my filling, then sprinkled it with about 3/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese, then I put the second low carb tortilla on top. I brushed the top with melted butter. I baked the casserole in my oven at 350 degrees, until the filling was bubbling and the tortilla “crust” began to brown. It made a tasty, sliceable crust. The cheese mixture between the tortillas can be elaborated upon, using herbs and/or cheese variations.

  5. Hey Dennis
    Love your channel and its a relief of hope. I have a question that's bugging me and stressing me. I know you have mentioned this in other videos.
    The longer am fasting the sugar glucose levels are still very high. Example at night 5.9 then in the morning and 24 hours later with no eating jts actually high at say 6.5 . Its driving me mad and am also vegan and doing as low carb as possible. Just don't know what to do. Just time? Or something am missing .

  6. I’ve made this tortilla recipe from Steve’s channel and it is truly the BEST! I am planning on making a large batch and freeze them. They are sooo good and I’ve tried so many recipes and this is the best one.
    FYI… don’t try to fry. You must use the microwave so follow the recipe exactly for best results!

  7. Dear Dennis, thank you very much for your very kind & informative, and useful information for BEATING DIABETES.
    In connection with 'intermitant fasting', there is a nagging problem, ie, CONSTIPATION!, which a lot of people experience & even experts are reluctant to address!!. This is true especially for people that do not wish to take medications all the time!. So, please guide us through with what is an effective way to deal with this nuisance, esp, for diabetics and pre-diabetics. Thank you so much again.
    Name withheld.