Tabitha Brown Shares Vegan Recipes from Her Cookbook






  1. I'm like Tabitha, I miss seafood. I miss file gumbo, crab legs, hot sausage po' boys and shrimp po' boys. Being born into a family of people with New Orleans origins and learning how to cook at the age of nine, it's not easy becoming a whole food, plant-based vegan and embracing the lifestyle, but reversing diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and brain fog makes it all worthwhile. The food is absolutely delicious when you get the hang of it. One of my fav seasonings is Frontier Co-Op 's Oakwood Smoked Paprika, bayyy bay, it makes "er'thang" taste good.

  2. Love this episode.

    Jennifer, if you see this message, I'm from Chicago, and our church used to visit each other's back in the day.

    You're younger than I am, but I certainly remember you singing back in the day. You were awesome then, and God has truly blessed you. Your cousins, the Nichols, are awesome too. The Prophetess spoke at my mother's funeral service this year.

    I hope you see this message. I've been wanting to reach out just to say hello. I admire your talents. I watched you on American idol, and I am so happy and proud of you.