Survival Soup: Are the Claims Valid?


Can $300 really buy all the ingredients for this soup and keep a family of four alive for a full year in an emergency situation? We investigated those claims and you may be surprised by what we found! 1/13/2021 We just started a Facebook page! Here is the link: About the music: Pineapple Breeze by Allison & Vexento Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed).





  1. I wouldn’t make this soup. Mainly we don’t like all the ingredients. What I found out was the meals that can be made with this. I would use:
    Rice……..starch and carb. Fried rice with egg, rice pudding, rice cakes, rice as a side dish.
    Pinto Beans……..rice and beans, soup ( beans, celery, bell pepper, onion and garlic, all dehydrated), boiled beans.
    Small white Navy beans…………good protein, boiled in soup with dumplings, baked beans.
    Dehydrated vegetables……….celery, green pepper, green onions, onions, carrots, potatoes, anything you like.

  2. Thank you so much for all of the time you must have spent researching and improving this recipe .
    It can be so frustrating when you realize that a lot of claims made for such a recipe do not hold up .
    You have sorted it out and made some very valid points .
    I love the intelligent and gentle way you present the facts . You have a soothing and not at all pushy manner .
    This new version is a definite keeper .

  3. An Old time nail may add iron, but today contains zinc/contaminates. Stick to cast iron.
    Great research, love my freeze dried/dehydrated veggies, not that spendy but go a long long ways. Great way to supplement the garden.
    I go to bulk food/restaurant supply and buy steel roll oats, jasmin rice, beans. Still looking for whole corn/grains, spendy on amazon.

  4. DO NOT leave cooked rice at room temp for more than an hour, or you could end up with food poisoning caused by Bacillus cereus. “The symptoms of B. cereus diarrheal type food poisoning include abdominal pain, watery diarrhea, rectal tenesmus, moderate nausea that may accompany diarrhea, seldom vomiting and no fever. Symptoms develop within 6-15 hrs and can persist for 24 hrs.” Not good for your toilet paper storage. 😜

  5. Thank you for your efforts in researching this. I found out that enriched white rice can last 25 years. Brown rice does not last as long, but brown rice with beans is a complete protein. I have some of both in my food storage. Just FYI. Beans can also last 25 years, but might get tough – you just have to cook them longer (low heat). You have to cook beans over a low heat or they will be tough. I have some beans that are ten years old & they are still good, I just have to cook them longer & add water as necessary. Also add salt in the last half hour (for beans).

  6. Thanks for all the research you put into this informative video. I had never heard of this soup until I watched just now. I enjoyed your modifications and your way of explaining why you changed what you changed. For me, I'll have to swap out something for the barley, since I'm gluten free. Hmmm, maybe steel cut oats? I'm going to have to research what would be best for that.

    I love that you pulled out a pint of canned beef. When I was growing up we often had canned venison. Was a wonderful shortcut when you needed to cook dinner after school and didn't have time to wait for frozen meat to thaw:) I imagine you really could add in any canned/shelf stable meat. You could even add in gelatin. I wouldn't want to premix the ingredients either. More room for specific modifications the day of cooking.

    Have you tried using a thermal cooker (either the Thermos cookers or a DIY one like the wonder oven with a dutch oven? Iv been researching ways to cook with less fuel and I'm going to have to try some version of it.

  7. Well, this was very interesting. And I agree with the reality of it. What I would encourage though is to make up the soup in large batches now and make it watery minus the rice and can it up. When being heated to eat, add the rice then so you would have rice to eat with the soup and not simply a mushy rice thickener.
    Because, here is something most folks are not thinking of or are able to prepare for. WATER. If the emergency is to the point you need to survive on thie stores of foods you have, that means the infrastructure is going to be down too. And that means there will be no water from the tap. And folks really do not have an idea of just how much water we use on a daily/weekley/monthly basis. We pay our water bill and never really notice just how much water we use. Foods that are precooked and canned have the water already there. It is for this reason that it is better to can your foods rather than have it in dry form. Canned foods in jars in a cool dark and dry space will last for many years longer than any metal canned foods could ever dream of lasting. This is also the same argument I have concerning the freeze dried prepper meal packs. You have to have a ready source of water to prepare it and most folks simply will not have that luxury. And think about this, that water you are working so hard to gather and store is going to be needed for something far more important than cooking dried foods, You will need it to grow food.

  8. I'd put quinoa in it instead of rice, since we know that quinoa is a complete protein and has all essential amino acids. However, replacing the rice with the quinoa would still only bring your calorie count per cup up to about 100 calories per serving. You'd have to eat four to six cups of this each day to get your required aminos. I agree that this is a good starting point for your food storage, but you're totally correct, you could not live on this for a year: your body would resort to catabolism and your body would be useless.