Super Tasty Sweet Bread Toast Recipe / How to make French Toast / Soft & Easy French Toast Recipe


Super Tasty Sweet Bread Toast Recipe / How to make French Toast / Soft & Easy French Toast Recipe / Supper Moist Japanese French Toast Recipe /Delicious Bread Toast /Toast Recipe

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3 eggs
80ml milk
2 tbsp white sugar
A pinch of salt
Mix well
6 slices of bread
Cut off the crusts (optional)
Medium-low heat
1tbsp unsalted butter
Apply the egg mixture to the bread
Place in the frying pan
Cover and cook on medum flame for 3minutes
Shape the bread with the spatulas
Flip it over and cookfor 3more minutes
Fry the sides
2tblsp powder milk
1 tblsp powder milk
So soft and delicious!
This is the best French toast recipe!

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