Simple Summer Keto Carnivore “Salad” – what I eat in a day mini video in the summer some people may be put off by loads of meat but there are so many ways to get plenty of good quality protein into your keto carnivore way of eating. I use Primal Kitchen dressings a lot but you can DIY your own keto salad dressing. I hope you enjoy this spin on a keto salad. As usual just a reminder that I eat this way to support my health and keep my Hashimoto’s disease in remission. Food is the key to managing my health. I love sharing these things with my subscribers. Make sure to tag me in your version of this simple keto recipe. You can make this work with keto diet, ketovore diet or the carnivore diet. Make it your way 🙂

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  1. For anyone that's sensitive to boiled eggs and the chemical reaction of the hydrogen and sulphur that occurs, to cause the graying/greening of the yolk, in my testing of the instant pot…1 cup water, eggs on trivet, high pressure for 6 minutes, prepare ice water bath at 2 minutes to complete, after the 6 minutes are up, immediate pressure release, immediate ice bath, peel after 20 mins. Eggs are cooked perfectly with zero graying/greening of yolks. No stomach upset.

    Edit: I live at an elevation of 650 m. Depending on your elevation, you may need to play around with those cook times.

  2. When boiling eggs, gently place your eggs in a pot with rolling boil water. Let them remain in the water for 10 minutes, no longer than 15. Then pour off the hot water and replace it with cold water, iced is better, to cool the eggs. The shells will nearly fall off once you start peeling your eggs.

  3. Love this idea! So easy for summer!!! I don’t like cooking in summer -hard boiled eggs are a great option because I never feel like I have to “cook” them😂 I have been thinking about investing in an air fryer and man bacon would be a great reason alone just to get one! Yum 😋

  4. It is so so good to see you again. I just got out of the hospital and I lost my appetite,, now all I’ve been craving is rice and pasta. So tomorrow is the day to get back on track.
    I have blood clots from COVID. On all kinds of crap but want to quit taking the Steroids and Eloquis. Anyway home with