Sugar-Free Strawberry Mojito Recipe (with and without alcohol)


Today, as a part of my series “Whit’s Tips on Nutrition Trends” with California Strawberries, I’m serving up an evidence-based breakdown on sugar reduction and teaching you how to make one of my favorite sugar-free beverages, my Strawberry Mojitos. 

Cutting sugar is a major trend. And for the most part, with good reason.

Excessive added sugar in the diet is associated with numerous chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

This easy strawberry mojito recipe is made without any added sugar and can be enjoyed with or without alcohol. It’s a fun, tasty warm-weather sip!

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  1. When I was taking a cooking class in high school, my teacher made us brownies one day. When we were halfway through eating them, she revealed that she had replaced half the sugar with beans! You can imagine the reaction of her unsuspecting students XD
    For me, as an Asian however, the concept of sweet beans was already familiar to me. Red bean paste is a common sweet filling in Asia. While red bean paste is often loaded with sugar, I think it’s a neat idea to reduce the sugar of other recipes and add some yummy fibrous beans as a substitute 🙂

  2. I've been learning so much from your videos! I'm a university student completing my bachelor's in Nutrition and Dietetics hoping to become a Registered Dietitian one day.
    I too am always looking for ways to cut down on added sugar! My favourite way is by using only dates as a sweetener in banana bread.