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Here we are to explore how to make tasty and healthy low carb and low glycemic load recipes especially for diabetic patients on this YouTube channel ” Diabetic Meal Ideas by Diabexy”.

You don’t need to sacrifice taste if you have diabetes, you just need to explore options. You will find lot videos on diabetic friendly foods or snacks, breakfast options for diabetics, diabetes diet and food tips, diabetic food products, diabetic diet meal plan etc. We are trying hard to deliver more and more healthy alternative for diabetic patients through these Diabexy Recipe videos.

This is our Diwali Special Recipe. Try out this healthy, sugar free, low glycemic load mouth watering dessert Ras Malai. Glycemic Load of the entire Recipe is just 3 which is unbelievable. It is not less than a treat for diabetic patinets.

Sugar Free Ras Malai Recipe :

250ML Almond Milk
100G Paneer
1/2 tsp Saffron
1/2 tsp Cardemom
1/2 handful Pistachio
1/2 Cup Diabexy Sugar Control powder
2 glass water

Recipe :
Take 100 gm. home made Paneer
Crumble it very well by hand for nearly 30 min .
Make small pedas
Take 2 glass water in a pan and add 20gm Diabexy sugar
Boil the water and add all the pedas till they are cook
Take out the pedas
Take another pan and add 250 ml Almond Milk
Add 20 gm Diabexy sugar
Add cardamom powder
Add handfull of Pistachio
Add saffron milk prepared separately
Pour the milk preparation on the pedas
Enjoy them Guilt free.

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