Sugar-free Mithai | शुगर-फ्री मिठाई for online Class☎️ 8551 8551 03, 7887866677 by Om sai cooking.


Sugarfree Mithai Online Class for online Classes ☎️ 8551 8551 03, 7887866677 by Om sai cooking classes.
1) Sugarfree Kesar Peda
2) Sugarfree Gulab Jamun
3) Sugarfree Barfi
4) Sugarfree Rabdi
5) Sugarfree Mango Roll
6) Sugarfree Cham Cham
7) Sugarfree Stuffed Kaju Katli
8) Sugarfree Besan Laddu
9) Sugarfree Coconut Laddu
10) Sugarfree Pista Delight
11) Sugarfree Malai Barfi
12) Sugarfree Dry Fruit Laddu

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  1. things for diabetics patient's:-
    (A)In early morning,
    1)tea or coffee(without sugar),(2)avoid biscuits,(3)take nuts-pista,badam
    1 glass milk or curd,besan chilla,oats,daliya,stuffed roti.
    (C)Lunch/ dinner,
    Half plate steamed/boiled/sauted vegetables or salad.,1/4th dal or curd or paneer/ chicken
    Avoid processed foods as snacks like eggs,vegetables soup,roasted chana,paneer,chicken
    (E)foods to avoid
    Packaged foods,bakery products,chips,maida based products
    (F)points to remember
    Do not blindly trust" diabetic friendly" products,avoid alcohol

  2. A diabetic should not eat refined foods like sugar, maida, refined oil, bakery items, oily foods, foods high in carbohydrates, rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes, mangoes etc. In short foods that have high glycemic index should be avoided. Hope to be a lucky winner this time atleast!!

  3. Sugar-sweetened beverages. Sugary beverages are the worst drink choice for someone with diabetes. Trans fats. Artificial trans fats are extremely unhealthy. White bread, rice, and pasta.Fruit-flavored yogurt. Sweetened breakfast cereals. Flavored coffee drinks.Honey, agave nectar, and maple syrup.Dried fruit.Etc