Sugar Free Kids Cookbook Preview


It is here!! I just got the first copy of my new Sugar Free Kids Cookbook! This was really a labor of love! Learning to be healthy, what our food is and how to cook are incredibly important life tools we should teach every child!

And to top it off, Halle Berry wrote the forward too!! This book really is incredible. Just go here to get your copy.





  1. I am a mother of 2 boys myself, and one grew up never eating sugar and he is now almost 14 and never craves it, but I met my husband and he was disappointed that my child didn't even know what cotton candy was or the fact that we didn't even own a ketchup bottle. So when we had our own son we didn't restrict sugar from his diet, but now he is 7 years old and craves sugar constantly…. I feel that I have failed him 😔
    But I will be pre-ordering your book and anxiously waiting for it's release so we can finally try to gain some control. Thank you so much for making it!!
    Your boys are absolutely adorable and sweet!

  2. My kids have been sugar free for 3 years. It truly makes such a difference. Especially for Mikah who has aspberger's. You'd never know he's on the autism spectrum when he's Keto. We've been in what we call a recipe rut, so very excited about pre-ordering your cookbook! Mahalo from the hollers of Kentucky!