Kicking off our Christmas in July celebration with a sweet treat! Candied pecans have long been a family favorite! An irresistible one at that! I get a lot of requests from people asking for sugar free version of their favorite treats and this one will not disappoint. Since we are still working hard to avoid extra sugar in our home these are the perfect way to enjoy a sweet snack without the sugar! These are actually packed with protein and still good for you. I dare you to tell the difference between these and some made with the real stuff! Candied pecans scream Merry Christmas no matter what time of year you make them!

I have shared a more traditional version of candied pecans that are made on the stove top with regular sugar and we love those. Everyone I know loves candied nuts. Don’t limit yourself to pecans here! But not everyone can enjoy real sugar for whatever reason. Some simply don’t eat it. Some can’t. I believe everyone should be able to enjoy things and these nuts are no exception. These are simple to make and use few ingredients. Most of which you probably have in your kitchen right now! They are also quick to whip up and enjoy, but be sure to make enough because they will disappear quickly.

These start out with pecans or walnuts or raw cashews or even raw almonds. About 2 cups of nuts will do for a batch. Whip up one egg white with a bit of water until fluffy but not stiff. Add in those pecans and toss well to coat entirely. Next add in your vanilla extract and if you are a bit adventurous, a bit of maple extract as well. If you are using almonds add in a few drops of almond extract. Get the idea here? Stir the extract in to combine. Next I added some cinnamon to my sweetener. I am using a baking blend that will tolerate heat. You should use what you prefer, but make sure baking is acceptable, as not all artificial sweeteners can go in the oven.

Rada Handi Stir whisk:

Add in the cinnamon and sweetener mixture and stir well. This is where the texture of the nuts will change as the ingredients all blend together and form a delicious outer shell on the pecans. Once you get this all well blended, pour the nuts out onto a baking sheet that is lined with either non stick foil or parchment or whatever you prefer. Using your spoon, spread the nuts out evenly. Even though they will break up after they cool, this makes it even easier to have nice looking product in the end.

Bake in a 325 degree oven for 12 to 15 minutes, removing to stir half way through the cooking time. Then remove from the oven and allow to cool completely. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for up to one week. I promise they will not last that long though!

If you plan to use these as part of your holiday gift giving, I suggest making these a day or two before passing out among friends and family. These should not be refrigerated or frozen because the build up of condensation will ruin the delicate coating and turn the nuts soft and mushy and sticky.

These would be lovely packaged in decorator frosting cones and tied with a bow, or in a pretty cellophane bag with a nice holiday tag. Of course these could be packaged in mason jars or stuffed in coffee mugs for festive holiday giving, but honestly, the recipient will long forget the coffee mug and always remember “those nuts”! Truth be told! And who needs another coffee mug anyway? Am I right?

So that is how you make simple and delicious, sugar free candied pecans that are going to blow them away and have them asking for more! I hope you give them a try sometime soon and I hope you love them!

Happy Eating and Happy Christmas in July!

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  1. Noreen Hon, Looking Forward To Getting Through August And Tuning In September/October For Your New & Old Autumn Videos. Hope All Is Well With Your Family !! Greetings From North Of Boston. Love This Pecan Recipe – My Waistline Nott So Much !! But I'm Trying It Anyway. Best Wishes. Billy Ralph.

  2. Oh I absolutely love these nuts! One year for Christmas I made a ton of these pecans and a bunch of chocolate fudge and peanut butter fudge and I handed them out to family and friends for Christmas. They loved receiving homemade sweet fudge and the candied pecans then receiving an expensive gift from high-end store. Also a month later I took a cruise to the Bahamas and I made a big batch of these cinnamon roasted pecans. I took them with me on the plane and shared them with the friends that I had took the cruise with and everyone went crazy about them!
    A few months ago I was diagnosed as a diabetic and I'm still getting adjusted to eating things a little different. So I will be able to make these with the diet sugar and still enjoy them. These are also good with almonds cashews any kind of nut your heart desires. Thanks Noreen for sharing this recipe it brought back some wonderful memories that I had of sharing these delicious pecans with family and friends…