Sugar – Free Boba Recipe!


Someone asked if it was possible to make sugar free boba, so I decided to test it! I was surprised how well it came out!

I’m definitely not an expert on sugar alternatives, diets, or health. I know it is safe to cook with Swerve brown sugar alternative but always be sure these ingredients are okay for your personal diet. While this does not have sugar, be aware that this is probably not the best for those on a Keto diet, as the main ingredient is still tapioca starch. Starch is not recommended for diabetic diets as well because it can still raise blood sugar.

Also, thank you all for 2K subs! You’re support means so much to me!

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  1. Hi all!
    I want to mention that starches may increase blood sugar levels, although I'm not sure about tapioca starch. If you are on a restricted diet, be sure to check that these ingredients are safe for your diet before trying these out. I am definitely not an expert on diets or health. But I wanted to see if there was a way to have less sugar in a boba recipe.
    Thanks for your support! Let me know if there is anything you want to see me try. ❤

  2. You're the best, thank you so much. I appreciate that you went out of your way to make this. Being on a restricted diet because of my pregnancy has taken a lot of my favorite foods away, but even though they still has starch as long as it's consumed in moderation and not all the time, it's something I can definitely have as a treat. Thank you again.