STUFFED MUSHROOMS | the best vegetarian recipe for Thanksgiving & Christmas


Stuffed mushrooms are always a party favorite, especially during the holidays! Soft mushroom caps are stuffed with a cheesy, herby, and garlicky filling. Then baked until golden with crumbled pecans on top. The perfect vegetarian appetizer I’d say!

Unlike most stuffed mushroom recipes, this one is gluten-free, as I’ve swapped panko breadcrumbs for chopped pecans. And I think it really elevates the flavor! It’s truly an appetizer both vegetarian and non-vegetarians will love. And perfect for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because everyone craves cozy, indulgent foods during the holidays right? So, let me show you how to make the best stuffed mushrooms recipe ever!

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00:00 Intro
00:27 Preheat oven and grease pan
00:42 Remove the stems from the mushrooms and chop them up
01:47 Dice the onion and peel the garlic
02:22 Saute the chopped mushroom, onion, and garlic
03:25 Grate the parmesan cheese
03:41 Chop the pecans and parsley
04:46 Mix the filling together and stuff the mushrooms, then bake
06:14 Plate the stuffed mushrooms and sprinkle with parsley
06:49 Taste test

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  1. I've been searching far and wide for recipes that I can make, master, and love so I can bring them to social events, but most of them involve a lot of unhealthy ingredients/carbs/too much sugar. On the flip side, you do an AMAZING job incorporating healthy options and breaking everything down for me from start to finish, including the pro tips. Thank you for making my experience in the kitchen something to look forward to every single day, because everything you make turns out extremely delicious!! Please keep doing what you're doing, you are a blessing!

  2. I love the way you are explicit and nor confusing in your instructions. I also like that the ingredients aren't expensive and are simple. I was looking for a stuffed mushroom recipe for Greek Easter. Most of my family are Vegetarian (What??? Greek? no Lamb? Nope! not in my house but I allow chx and fish) Also, my daughter is Gluten free (Celiac disease) so this recipe looks perfect. I will give it a trial run this weekend. Thank You!