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This lush strawberry-watermelon chicken salad absolutely screams summer with pops of pink and red summer fruit showing through the bright green pesto and lettuce — and it looks as good as it tastes. Inspired by a recipe from Reluctant Entertainer, the healthy combo of greens, chicken and fresh fruit is light, bright and fresh.

When the weather is warm and you’re trying to avoid heating up the kitchen, this salad makes mealtime a breeze. Loads of basil, fresh watermelon and strawberries make the perfect summer afternoon recipe. You can prepare your own pesto and roasted chicken for this recipe, but the premade options at the grocery store make this even easier to whip up. They really cut down on your prep time and are often just as good, or better, than homemade. And best part: No mess to clean up! is America’s home for the holidays.

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