Split Pea Soup with Sizzled Spices | That Sounds So Good


This is a pretty claaaaaasic version of split pea soup—with a ham hock that vegetarians can simply omit. What makes it special is a well-made soffritto that gives the soup deep flavor and structure. At the end, a spoonful of spices that have been bloomed in hot oil until sizzling get spooned over the top and add an amazing layer of aroma and sass. If you’re in Nashville, TN, visit Vivek Surti at his wonderful restaurant, Tailor. He showed me how to make tadka, and I am grateful for his knowledge. Grab your copy of That Sounds So Good! Thank you to my Patreon community, who fully funded the cost of this video. Consider joining us over there! We have fun, and I donate 8 cents from every dollar I earn. More about Carla, including info on her books, is here: Producer: Zoie Omega Camera: Tim Racca Food Stylist: Cybelle Tondu Editor: Meg Felling Theme music performed by Madison McFerrin. Written by Madison McFerrin. Used by Permission of MadMcFerrin Music LLC. .





  1. On my second try of making this recipe I tried making it with no meat so I used shiitake mushrooms instead since it was all I had. To make up for the lack of fat and general salted meatiness I added soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, garlic powder and paprika and I gotta say. It is the bomb.

    I feel like I'm really expanding my cooking abilities (and my spice options lol) after watching this series, I'm so happy these videos exist 💜

  2. I guess the equivalent to soffrito in Germany is called Suppengrün (literally "soup greens") and it's usually carrots, leek and celeriac. sometimes parsnip and parsley are added. at least that's what I've seen in stores where I live (there's probably regional differences) and they're are usually available in prepackaged bundles, so that's really neat 🙂

  3. ok. i started with chicken fat not olive oil..cause i had some, yum. and my grocery store didn't have a ham hock but I found bacon ends. They are the yummy chunks after the butcher slices bacon. Didnt try the sizzle spices (next time). This turned out awesome. Husband and I ate pretty much the whole pot through out the weekend.