Split Pea Soup with Ham – Made From Scratch Using a Ham Bone


Split Pea Soup can be made using a leftover ham bone. It adds incredible flavor. The hardest part of this recipe is time. It takes time to develop a broth that is filled with flavor. That is the key to this soup and what makes it so very yummy! Tools I Use in This Video: Enameled Cast Iron: Strainer: Corelle Dishes: If you are looking for this recipe and many others please visit my website at: www.Indianamomy.com You can also find me at: Youtube Channel Page: Facebook: Instagram: or @indianamomy.cooking Pinterest: Join this group on Facebook to share photos and recipes of what you are cooking: Some of the links in this video description are affiliate links. That just means that if you purchase something through a link I provided, I will earn a small commission. This does not change your cost or process in any way, it just helps out your favorite creators. Thank you so much 🙂 Music by hooksounds.com .





  1. Thanks Indiana Mommy! Really loved your version of this classic American comfort food. One thing I found funny was the realization that, as I was making this here in New York City, I was wearing my "Indianapolis Indian Market and Food Festival" apron that my cousin got me when we were partying on his school break there in the Hoosier State! Good times and great recipe. Thanks for posting!

  2. I've got a pot on the stove right now. I took some short cuts, though. Short on time? I added a box of chicken broth (equivalent of 4 cups) and lots of fresh nutmeg. This was a ham bone I found in the freezer from last Easter. I'm responding in Nov. 2021. Time to be creative with what we have, not what we want. Lesco Brandon!

  3. I tried your recipe in early January after finishing our New Years ham. This was my first time making split pea soup. It was sooo easy but sooo good. I forgot to comment then but I will now as I’ll be roasting a ham at Easter as the family has been asking for your soup. The broth is so easy to make but simply lovely. Thank you for sharing your recipe. It’s a family favourite now. ❤️🇨🇦

  4. I can’t wait to try your recipe, it looks great. I love your dog in the video. It probably loves being in the kitchen with you in case anything interesting hits the floor. Please no ham for dogs though, it’s way way too salty for them. Salt is never a good thing for dogs. Kind regards / Steve