Split pea and ham soup


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My name is Alina and today we will cook pea soup – a simple recipe for a thick, rich soup made from smoked chicken legs.
The recipe for a very tasty thick pea soup! From these ingredients, 2.5 – 3 liters are obtained. soup.
– 2 pcs. smoked chicken legs
– 1 PC. onion
– 1-2 pcs. carrot
– 3-4 pcs. potato
– 300 gr. peas
– greenery
– salt
– ground black pepper
1. Chicken legs can be replaced with smoked ribs
2. You can also use any greens of your choice, such as parsley or dill.
1. Start by soaking the peas in water overnight or at least 6 hours. This will help soften the peas and shorten the cooking time.
2. Add the smoked chicken legs to a large pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil and let them simmer for about 30 minutes. This will help prepare a flavorful broth.
3. While the chicken legs are cooking, cut the onions, carrots and potatoes into small cubes. If you prefer a finer texture, you can also grate the carrots.
4. When the chicken legs come to a boil, remove them from the pot and let cool. Strain the broth to remove all impurities.
5. In the same pot, add chopped onions and carrots. Saute them for about 5 minutes until they start to soften.
6. Add the strained broth back to the pot along with the soaked peas and chopped potatoes. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 30 minutes or until the peas are tender.
7. While the soup is cooking, remove the meat from the cooled chicken legs and chop it into small pieces. You can discard the dice.
8. When the peas are soft, add the shredded chicken back to the pot. Season with salt and ground black pepper to taste. Let it brew for another 10 minutes for the flavors to blend together.
9. Finally, chop the greens of your choice and add them to the soup. This will give the dish freshness and color.
10. Serve pea soup hot and enjoy its thick and rich texture. If desired, you can also decorate it with herbs or a spoonful of sour cream.
This pea soup recipe is perfect for a hearty lunch. The smoky flavor of the chicken legs adds depth to the dish, while the combination of peas, carrots and potatoes adds a nice texture. This is a simple and delicious soup that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.
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