Spinach mushroom keto soup – Keto vegan


In this video I’m showing you how to make heart-warming and delicious vegan ketogenic spinach soup with mushroom and healthy nuts. As I’m embarking on ketogenic way of eating I will be showing you more great vegan keto recipes that are good to eat and great for your metabolism. But you don’t need to be on keto to enjoy these recipes. They’re completely gluten free and are great for everyone.

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1 large bunch of spinach ( roughly 350g in the video)
4-5 button mushrooms
1-1.5 cups coconut milk (or nut milk of your choice)
1-2 tbsp coconut cream
1-2 tbsp nutritional yeast
Handful of pine nuts
Handful of walnuts
Sea salt
Hemp Seed oil (optional)






  1. Why is it that Keto dieters and vegetarians look very unhealthy? Dark circles, Grey appearance in skin? Very thin, sunken face? I don't understand how that's healthy. Everyone I know that follows vegan, keto, or vegetarian diets don't look healthy. Im not trying to hate on anyone, I'm just concerned and curious.

  2. First time I saw this I thought. “Well that doesn’t look very tempting” but since I’m trying to go vegan I figure I give it a swirl and Oh my!.. was I delightfully surprised at how delicious and fulfilling this soup is.. so creamy and savory delicious. I highly recommend it. Thank you so much for the recipe. 😋

  3. Fan, you are currently my favourite online food channel! Tried this soup today. And wow, just wow! I also made the strawberry and banana oat bars which were equally delicious. You have that rare gift of devising recipes which require minimal preparation but always deliver on flavour. Very grateful to have found you.

  4. I have been vegan since 2000 and never had food like this that I could make myself -not only that, I have Crohn´s and cannot eat gluten, so finding you has been such a gift. I am just now experimenting with Keto for the last couple months and it suits me great -I am loving it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and good vibe

  5. well yeah, too much fat is bad. saturated fat is one of the worst kinds of fat for you. consuming more than just a tiny bit of saturated fat isn't good. coconuts are loaded with saturated fat.
    also consuming spinach in large amounts like that is bad. the amount of nutritional yeast you used, even if it is non fortified nutritional yeast, contains and insane amount of nutrients.

    clearly that pot will likely serve you for about 4 meals, but if someone follows this recipe and consumes a large amount of this within a day or a single sitting, it will be more harmful than helpful.