Spider-Man 3 Revisited (2007) (Movie Review)


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  1. I enjoy the movie too but I think Peter Parker is too much of a dickhead with Mary Jane in this one. I don’t need my hero’s to be perfect and I think it’s an interesting departure for him but idk something about the execution really didn’t work for me. Before all the dig on this shit too

  2. It's subjective, and I'm glad you're able to enjoy it. Your credibility is destroyed for me, but it's not like my opinion matters. I've seen this recently and it is one of the worst movies I've seen. I already hated this trilogy so it didn't really have a chance for me. But I've watch the other two before ever putting this on again.

  3. So heres how i've seen Bully Maguire which is how Raimi and Tobey described it. His geekeness is more jazz and classic music/film, and peotry. Hes a "60 year old living in a 24 year olds body. So when he gets the symbiote it amps his personality to 200 percent and turns into arrogance. Hence his dancing and shit. Raimi Tobey Kristen and Topher actually did a commentary about it and it really explains peters transition. When Brock gets the symbiote his personality amps up from anger/loser to murder. I really wish they would have just forgot about brock and had Harry receive the symbiote after peter instead. By the end Venom is complete and it's own entity like when brock is pulled out at the end and Spidey an Goblin have to fight it together.