Spicy carrot, purple cabbage & potato, and creamy broccoli soups


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0:00 Into
0:29 Spicy carrot
4:54 Purple cabbage & potato
8:17 Creamy broccoli





  1. I was eager to try roasting garlic with your approach but had some difficulty cutting the bulb cleanly like you did, despite trying a couple different recently sharpened knives on two recently purchased garlic bulbs. I noticed that the inner peel on each was unusually thick and tough, making it difficult to cut through, yet brittle, which likely contributed to the cloves simply breaking apart. Any idea what causes this variation (e.g., age?), and any suggestions on how to get around it? I noticed that both a chopping motion and sawing motion contributed to the disintegration of the bulb.

  2. Regarding HF and other food deliveries. Some times you are lazy for a week and dont wanna cook them.

    Then you have leftover meats and veggiesthat are starting to go bad and wont make a good meat if you follow the preprovided instructions. And now you need to figure out something to do with before they go all the way bad. Literally use the technique in this video and turn them into soup.

    Sear the meat in the pot, remove it, then continue the rest of this process. Throw the meat back in at some point so it finished cooking. It will often shred itself as you cook it. Just use a wooden spoon or something.

    Most sauces, carbs, and cheeses can also get thrown in the pot with everything else, but some are best saved for garnish over the top.

  3. When cooking with cruciferous veggies, you should chop them first and set it aside. There are enzymes (myrosinase) in the plants that interact with other bits (glucoraphanin) in the plant when the cells are broken to create a substance called sulforaphane, which is a major cancer- and inflammation-fighting compound. If you chop then immediately cook the plant, the enzyme is destroyed and you lose a large benefit of eating it.

  4. 0:36 this is one of the things that gets me wasting time thinking

    He says potatoes first like carrots but later he says potatoes if too long gets grainy.

    If you like mushed potatoes in soup, go for it but I prefer them near the end when they cook but as soon as they get tender, soup is done

  5. I made the cabbage and the broccoli. For the cabbage I used half purple half green with marmite in my stock, everything else as directed. Not bad; it was bright and crisp tasting. The Broccoli, wuhahaha… I made that with cheap bacon, frozen broccoli, chicken OXO for the stock, and oat milk with a little flour in it to make it thicker, and a little smoked peprika because the bacon was kinda bland, everything else as directed. My favorite by far, it was insanely good vs cost to make. I would say hold back on the salt when using bacon though.