Spanish Peasant Soup | Why the Poor ate Better than the Rich


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  1. I quickly scanned the title and thought the bit was titled Spanish Peanut Soup,
    So after watching the video I thought, HEY! Where are the peanuts?
    That is when I reread the title.
    I am relieved that he did chop up Spanish peasants and add them to the pot…

  2. By the size of your kitchen I can safely guess you are in an apartment somewhere in Spain. 🙂
    After so many years in the US I had forgotten how delicious the food from my country of origin is, especially "nuestra comida de cuchara." I am very grateful to you for inspiring me to cook again many of Spain's wonderful recipes.
    ¡Mil gracias, amigo!

  3. Many of the world's most beloved recipes began as humble peasant dishes. While kings and nobles were busy impressing each other with elaborate presentations and expensive spices, the poor folk were left to figure out how to make the most of simple ingredients, coming up with filling and delicious recipes.


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