Spanish Onion Soup | More Flavorful than French Onion Soup


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  1. so i found this channel through the healthy pasta (with yogurt) recipe and immediately subbed.. going through your dishes and each of them are ❤️❤️❤️ as someone who is really interested in the Spanish culture, food and etiquette.. i had been looking so long for a channel where i can get native and traditional recipes content like this.. im so happy to find u, thank you for still being active🥺🔥

  2. It looks delicious; however, I imagine it smells even better 😉
    I can't wait to try making this soup. Is there another food that I can use instead of the eggs? I do not eat eggs; I have never liked them since I was a child. Thank you and I am sorry for being a picky eater, lol 🙂
    Also, I want to share that I recently discovered your channel, and I am enjoying watching you cook.

  3. 4:28So perfect
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  4. I never rated you on this Spanish Onion soup YET when you say better than French Onion soup, then that is a challenge for me to take up. Some time in the 2 weeks I will make this for some friends of mine who eat my FOS and love it, this will be interesting. lol But with the egg in the soup now you are getting away from the star of the soup ONIONS… we will see lol lol

  5. Promover la cocina tradicional española usando un aceite californiano. ¡¡Qué sacrilegio!! Ay mi pobre corazón … Aún así, explicas muy bien los pasos a seguir y me aficione a los platos más tradicionales de nuestra cocina que mostraste en tu canal. Es que antes pensaba que eran muy complicados de elaborar y no los hacia.

  6. My husband is French, we live in the USA,but every time we go to France we ask my mother in law to make onion soup she makes the best,but I have never had it with eggs going to trying making it don't know if my husband will like it with an egg lol but I will try the egg and just give him the soup.😁