Spanish Bread & Garlic Soup | Quick & Simple and Cheap to Make


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  1. I'd describe my reaction to this video as curious but a bit leery. In the end the curiosity won out and I tried it. The texture of the bread was…interesting. But I liked it. Though the person I gave some to as she was curious when I described the recipe to her did not like it. She liked the flavor of the broth, but absolutely hated the bread. But, I liked it. So much so that I've just made the recipe a second time and plan on putting this soup into my regular repertoire.

  2. As a young student, I would make something like that with stale bread. So delicious, although I never thought of adding eggs. Wonderful. I have just discovered your channel and really appreciate your retrieving the old-fashioned way of making good, healthy, cheap food. You should be part of the school curriculum, for both boys and girls.

  3. Looks perfect ❤👌❤👌❤👌❤👌
    Can't wait to have a go at it once I make it myself ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Thanks a lot ❣🙏❣🙏❣🙏❣🙏❣🙏❣🙏❣🙏
    Your recipes are PHENOMENAL ❤👌❤👌❤👌❤👌❤👌❤👌❤👌