Soup’s Girlfriend almost DIES – GOONS #41


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  1. Alright I got a bunch of questions I'm gonna ask.itll get worse the farther it goes down

    1: what is your biggest regret and if you had the chance would you change it?

    2:what is the worst game you played and (if you can say this legally) what is the worst sponsorship you have had?

    3.what kind of hobby would you want to get into that may seem odd? do you feel about the current state of rainbow 6 and would you consider going back to it? (personally I don't like it)

    5.where do you think you would be if YouTube never existed?

    6.Doo are you gay?

    7.if you could live on or in any solar system/planet what would it be?

    8.have you all considered playing rust together?

    9.what is the worst injury you have experienced and could it have been easily avoided? often do ppl ask to join your friend group?

    11.Spaghetti or meat

    12.would you rather be blind or deaf?

    13.what is a moment in your life that you would never forget you guys plan on doing a tour after covid? question. What do you call a cow With no legs? Ground beef

    But in all seriousness I appreciate you guys for making content and making thousands smile every upload. Dooo is short

  2. Controversial take: Some small level of gatekeeping can be good. Case in point: Animes getting cancelled because normies can't understand the concept of escapism, or political messages that weren't there in the sub being added to the dub. If some level headed person or persons decided to gatekeep those folks out, then good. Otherwise, gatekeeping is cancerous beyond preserving the hobby, pastime, or form of entertainment. And so just to translate this so weebs aren't the only ones who understand: Game Journos getting games either cancelled or rewritten because "the big tittied catwoman has too big a chest" despite almost no one else thinking this exact thing.

    Sincerely, someone who shouldn't be taking this so seriously, considering its the FUCKING GOONS BOIS!.