soup recipe – recipe 10 types of soup with the simplest ingredients


Soup are delicious appetizer.Soups are cooked in different ways.Meat soup,chicken soup,noodle soup,vegetable soup and various types of vegetable combinations with meat make a healthy and nutritious appetizer.In this video,you will learn how to cook meat soup. with we have vegetables.I leaned the recipe of this soup from my mother.The name of this delicious soup Is SHORBA.Cook a warm and tonic soup with this recipe and enjoy it. Ingredients for cooking this soup: Mince meat Parsley Coriander Become Onion Garlic Salt, black pepper, turmeric Lentils Oil I’m gooing to teach you have to cook different foods, deserts and delicious cakes, so subscribe to see more clips and stir the bell🔔 Click here to subscribe: Video link: ↪️ Here is my latest video link: ↪️ Get started now and cook delicious iranian stew/(khoresh gheymeh) persian home cooking ↪️Recipe for preparing delicious Iranian saffron chicken with rice/restaurant style Our other profiles: ↪️Instagram: Soup recipe Recipe 10 types sopu with the simplest ingredients Chicken noodle soup Chicken noodle soup recipe Green soup healthy soup recipe How to make chicken noodle soup Potato Soup Soup recipes Meat soup How to make meat soup beef soup Cooking tips Cooking show Cooking terms Cooking methods Cooking hacks Cooking recipes Cooking for beginners Cooking 2021 Cooking yummy diy cooking Cooking up Cooking vlog Cooking youtubers iranian recipes diy cooking set cooking t iktok Cooking house Cooking ideas Food and cooking Cooking dinner Cooking desserts Cooking videos Cooking asmr Cooking easy Cooking in nature Cooking food Cooking challenge Cooking breakfast iranian food recipe Cooking and eating cooking home Persian food Iranian dish Cooking tutorial Cooking shorts make iranian food Cooking in the kitchen cooking in the forest cooking 3d cooking 360 video cooking partners tiny cooking cooking underground unknown iranian home cooking cooking persian food persian cooking ingredients iranian cooking recipes iranian cooking show iranian cooking equipment #Cook Map #Soup #Cooking #Tasty soup recipe chicken noodle soup method Cooking Food how to make Flavcity easy recipes How to cook that Food wishes Tasty Healthy recipe Foody .





  1. شكراً لكم"
    فنحن نقدم على قناتنا فيديوهات مترجمة
    للطبيب 𓆘 ( د . بيرج )
    – إختصاص حمية الكيتو (الصيام)
    – علاج تساقط الشعر
    – طريقة زيادة هرمون التستوستيرون
    – التخلص من حب الشباب وآثاره
    – طريقة دكتور بيرج لحرق دهون البطن
    – علاج للتخلص من التوتر والضغط النفسي
    – سبب ارتفاع وانخفاض ضغط الدم
    – تقوية مناعة الجسم
    – ما يجب عليك فعله لعلاج ضيق التنفس ومشاكل الصدر والربو
    – علامات نقص التغذية
    – إلتهاب الكبد
    – الوقاية من سرطان المبيض
    – علاج الشرود وضعف الذاكرة
    – علاج مرض السكري وتجنبه
    – علاج حب الشباب
    – أفضل الفيتامينات للشعر والبشرة والأضافر
    – تمارين الجسم اليومية  ~ Dr-Berg ~''''''