Sohla’s Rules For Chicken Soup | Off-Script with Sohla


In this episode of Off-Script, Sohla el-Waylly is here to show you how to make any kind of chicken soup you want. Learn her method to make a very simple broth for when you really need warmth and comfort. She shares her recipe for a gingery chicken soup with hearty lentils and potatoes as well as a spicy version with cabbage and sweet potatoes. Just what we need on those cold days. Recipes featured in this video Amu’s Gingery Chicken Soup With Lentils & Potatoes: Spicy Chicken Soup With Sweet Potatoes & Cabbage: Also featured in this video Food52 x Staub Round Cocotte: Five Two Essential Kitchen Knives: Five Two Bamboo Double Sided Cutting Board: Five Two Silicone Spoon Set: Looking for something specific? VIDEO CHAPTERS 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:12 Brothy Goodness 00:04:11 A Little Off The Top 00:06:33 Season it Up 00:12:39 Pick the Chick 00:14:49 Finish With Flair 00 :20:05 Garnish Time 00:22:27 Slurp It Up SUBSCRIBE TO FOOD52 ►► CONNECT WITH FOOD52 Web: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: TikTok: Food52 newsletter: ABOUT FOOD52 As a one-stop shop for joyful living, Food52 connects discerning home cooks with the interests they’re passionate about via award-winning food and lifestyle content across platforms. We provide our audience with the recipes and solutions they crave to eat thoughtfully, live joyfully, entertain beautifully, and travel differently. .





  1. I like adding medium-sliced white onions and red, yellow, or orange peppers right after the soup is done. The residual heat cooks them enough to have a slight al dente crunch. And if you have the energy, almost-done deeply roasted cauliflower in at the same time is great.

  2. Save yourself a fart attack later by soaking the lentils in twice as much water overnight before you cook them. Add a teaspoon of salt to the soaking water and they lentils will cook much faster. Be sure to throw out the soaking water before you add the lentils to the soap. Don't add any lemon juice or vinegar to your soup until the lentils are totally soft. This technique also works well with peas and beans.

  3. My mum used to soak some soup mix (mix of peas, lentils and barley,) overnight. The next day she would brown chicken giblets in the biggest pot and then pour in lots of water and boil for an hour or two to get the stock out. Then she would just add the rinced soup mix to the boiling stock and as the mix began to cook she would add the veg. Throwing the diced onion in, diced leek, diced turnip, (the big one, not the little ones, Scotland calls the big one turnip and the wee yins swedes, ) the diced carrots, the diced celery sticks, maybe some diced potato at the last because they didn't take as long to cook as the other veg. Just before the end she would crumble in a couple of oxo cubes and season to taste. Served with fresh bread for dunking, a cheap bowl of comfort and goodness that had the whole family begging for a second bowl…Sometimes, a third bowl.😮😀 That would usually be my dad.😀