Simple Vegetarian 13 Bean Soup


This is a simple 13 bean soup recipe for when you don’t have a lot of ingredients hanging around the house, plus it’s uber tasty, filling, and satisfying.

I use a vegetarian 13 bean soup mix from Bob’s Red Mill, but any bean mixture would work perfect.

Different beans take different cooking times. Smaller beans like navy or black beans seem to take especially longer than larger ones like fava. The lentils may break down and make it very creamy while other beans give it more soft but chewy substance.

I like to soak the beans over night to reduce cooking time to ~ 1 ½ hour but the recipe below is for just throwing straight on the stovetop.

This would also work fantastic in a crockpot on low for ~ 8 hours or in the instant-pot but I prefer just using a sturdy pot on the stovetop.

Soup too thick? Add a little broth or water. Soup to thin? Let it cool down. It will thicken as it cools.

Don’t have broth in your pantry? Use water and add salt to taste in a pinch.

Wanna add a little more umami? Add some shredded Parmesan cheese as a garnish. Wanna add more bulk? Serve it with rice and an avocado or some crusty bread or toast.