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Sweet And Savoury Soup Recipe💥

Before we get into it…
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This simple soup is insane delicious and really versatile, you can try to follow the basic amounts in the video, more mango in the sauce for a sweeter soup as I did, or more tomato for a more savoury soup❤️

My fave way to make this / a similar soup is to have a bowl full of cherry tomatoes and or chopped tomatoes, then blend any of, or a mix mango, nectarine, peach, pineapple etc into a sauce with tomato or bell pepper adding some flavour accents like lemon, lime, cilantro, ginger etc if desired🥰

I added two tablespoons of my fave Barley Grass Juice Powder to make it extra savoury and nutrient dense, you can learn more about it and grab a lb at the best price 👉 🙌🏼

Pour the sauce / broth over the tomato chunks and devour, seriously amazing!🥰

Hope you really enjoy it and wishing you the best of luck in the Giveaway👉 🙏🏼

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