Simple Oven Cooked Brisket Recipe – Keto and Carnivore Diet Dinner Recipe Ideas


Simple oven cooked Brisket is my favorite way to make a Brisket low and slow! It turns out perfect every time and you do not have to babysit it. Everyone likes this because it makes melt in your mouth results. This Keto and Carnivore Brisket recipe is a great way to go because it’s easy and so many things you can do with the leftovers!

There is a full printable recipe on my website here:

Brisket is a very muscular piece of meat with lots of connective tissues. This is the reason for slow cooking it. You can also cook brisket in a slow cooker and then set under the broiler.

What I did today in this video
4 lb brisket
1 tbsp kosher salt (or more!)
1 teaspoon pepper

Remove brisket from fridge and allow to sit out for couple hours.
Preheat oven to 250
Remove from package and pat dry with paper towels
Score the fat cap with a sharp knife
Rub the brisket all over with salt and pepper (or whatever spices you are using)
You can sear the brisket if you prefer to sear ahead of baking.
Place brisket in pan and seal the pan with foil
Bake at 250 for 1 hour per pound
Remove brisket and drain off most of the fat into a large container (I drained about 2 cups from this 4lb brisket today). Keep the fat, it is tallow!
Place brisket under the broiler for 2-5 minutes (if you didn’t sear it)
Remove, cover with foil and allow to rest while you prepare rest of meal.

Melt in your mouth brisket is the result!

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  1. I cooked an 18 lb brisket in my table top roaster and omg it was amazing but I wish I would have thought to broil it at the end (though I didn’t have a pan to fit it in my oven at the time) and I didn’t score the fat so now I’ve got a few more things I want to try on my next one! Yummm. I did, however render out so much fat from it that it filled a couple of pint jars!😱 What’s even better was it was only $2.96/lb! Totally worth it.

  2. I just finished eating after following your perfect instructions. WOW. I love it. I feel very accomplished. Thank you so much for your great videos. You are very easy to watch and listen to you. I’m so happy I found you on YouTube and Facebook. I’m carnivore and doing BBBE and you are making choices so easy for me 💜💜💜
    – Nancy Smith ( your southern neighbor in WA )

  3. I just ordered a 2kg piece of grass fed brisket on sale for delivery in a few days (no butchers open in level 4).
    Thanks for this, doing beef, salt and water only 30 day challenge so brisket is new to me. Will cook it like this, thanks. Also I am 58 next month, can I join your FB group ? 🙂 Ohh and hi from New Zealand (we do kg too).

  4. I'm using your cooking method tomorrow/tonight for mother's day after hours of watching different brisket cooking videos in the oven yours was the best one I liked I'm just going to add a pink ring around it at the beginning of the process but the rest of the process will be your cooking techniques I appreciate your video