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Don’t throw your dates away, folks. Use them in this no added sugar muesli recipe. This is a healthy sugar free muesli that is still sweet enough to tickle your taste buds.

This is a Dr Joe Sugar-free Muesli recipe. Easy to put together and it is a highly nutritious muesli supplying you with a lot of nutrients from omega 3 fatty acids to potassium to calcium and zinc. You are even guaranteed loads of fiber which will help you lower your cholesterol.

Ingredients needed:
Rolled oats x 3 coffee mug full
Almond flakes x 6 tbs
Pumpkin seeds x 6 tbs
Milled flaxseeds x 5 tbs
Mixed nuts x 4 handfuls – add more if you wish
Chopped dates x 3 handfuls – add more to sweeten further if you wish
Coconut flakes x 4 handfuls

If no dates available where you live, use raisins or craisins instead.
Mix together. Add to containers to store and use this sugar free muesli in satisfying quantities over the week. Just add milk or consume as a dry snack. It is healthy muesli breakfast recipe as it is a lunch muesli recipe or even a natural dinner muesli recipe.

It is better than the no added sugar muesli aldi recipe. It is also better than the no added sugar muesli lidl recipe. It is the best no sugar added muesli recipe and it is a true element no added sugar muesli recipe. Also best no added sugar muesli and a true element no sugar added muesli recipe. It is a sugar free muesli recipe to enjoy as breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner.

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  1. Wow this's quite great! And u know what? i got all the ingredients right here in my kitchen for this yummy yet healthy muesli recipe, i think to substitute chía seeds for (flax seeds cos of estrogen content in flax seeds please enlighten me Dr Joe if i'm wrong ok😉👍🏽)

    Nice one Dr Joe👍🏽,and thank you so much for sharing this with us~ truly appreciate♥️