UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your awesome comments etc! Over the last year or so we’ve discovered a couple of little tweaks that you may want to try as well:

1) Try the recipe using plain white vinegar (instead of white wine vinegar shown). The taste is a little bit “brighter” or “cleaner” than with the original recipe. Depending on the dishes you are serving this with, it may be a better fit…

2) A mix of 1 spoon vinegar and 1 spoon fresh squeezed lemon works really nicely – when we tried it before with 2 spoons of lemon it was a little too overwhelming…

3) Instead of the small amount of dry mustard powder shown in the video, use perhaps a teaspoon of smooth Dijon mustard. The difference is subtle but it seems to make the flavour a little more rounded (totally a personal thing, but don’t use yellow prepared mustard, it doesn’t work)

4) Add a couple of dashes (sorry that’s as accurate as I can be) of tabasco sauce! I was surprised to find, looking through some vintage 1950s cookbooks that it was a part of the original recipe, and it really adds a wonderful note to the dressing.


We love a good Caesar Salad, and have been looking for a simple and foolproof recipe for a while. This recipe is based on one from the Best of Bridge series of cook books, but we’ve tweaked it over the years to what you see here. It’s quick and easy to make, and I guarantee it will come out perfect every time.


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