Shreddable Vegan Chicken? Trying Popular Chick'n Style Seitan Recipes


Today I’m testing two vegan “chicken” style seitan recipes! One contains young green jackfruit and tofu; the other contains chickpeas and aquafaba.

✹ Recipes Mentioned ✹

“The Best Vegan Chick’n” from the Full of Plants blog & YouTube channel

“Chickwheat” recipe from the Avocados and Ales blog

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✹ Chapters ✹
Intro 00:00
Best Vegan Chick’n Procedure 01:07
Chickwheat Procedure 04:44
Chickwheat Salad Taste Test 10:55
Taste Testing Both Recipes Plain 13:09
Outro 16:57

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  1. Loved this theme and format! 😀 I suggest you can start making 1 video (part 1) with recipes testing and theeeeen 2nd video (part 2) you optimize the best recipe or create your own best recipe out of a combination of recipes in the first video. After that everyone will only make your recipes, cause they will be super bomb! 😀 Love your channel. Big hug from Berlin 🙂

  2. I love seitan and thoroughly enjoyed this video. Would love to see follow ups on all your testing with this. The food processor hack is game changing. Anything to make seitan as simple as possible.Thank you! Do you have the Seitan and Beyond Cook Book?

  3. It seems like the inclusion of blended up jackfruit is a lost opportunity. Isn't the best part of jackfruit the texture? Korenn Rachelle has some fancy seitan recipes where she folds in shredded up king oyster mushrooms to give the finished seitan a layered, shreddable effect. Jackfruit, just mashed up, not blended, might do similar – but you'd definitely have to boil away the flavor first.
    Thanks so much for this video. It's fun to see you try and compare recipes like this side-by-side, and give your kind and honest, and knowledgeable, reactions to them. Much appreciated. I already knew I loved the Chick-wheat recipe (and that food processor technique!), so it's neat to see it here and to see it compared to something different. Be well.

  4. This is giving me old SVK vibes!! I loved this. You could test whatever the heck recipe you want and I would watch it and enjoy it because of your lovely personalities. That said, I would so love to see more complex, intricate recipes either involving seitan, or a fermented nut cheese!

  5. Can't wait to make chickwheat. Thank you Sarah! Not a fan of jackfruit. Yes, maybe if I boiled it first I would make it. I think I'll try both. You and Eric are very good at explaining the taste and texture of recipes you make. Yes, if you could come up with a vegan hot dog recipe that would be fantastic. Haven't found a good vegan hot dog yet.