#Shorts| Bitter Melon LEAVES& Long Beans | #1 Diabetic Recipe 糖尿病| Lower Blood Sugar降低血糖 | 炒素食长豆苦瓜叶


I must said this is a very bitter recipe to those who are not used to the bitterness, although it has many benefits to the health. This is one of the best recipe to help Diabetic person. Although it doesn’t have any scientific proven yet, but many people eating this bitter melon are tremendously reduce the blood sugar. I can’t speak for anyone but I am sharing it here from my own personal experience. Due to my husband had Type 2 Diabetes. Since Covid March 2020, he was running out of Metformin, so he stopped the medication. He did not take any medication for more than one year. However the blood sugar is still under control. I used to have high blood pressure but now I no longer had it. There are also many factors, may be we only eat home cooking, away more healthy. All the recipes you see it in my channel, that is what we eat. No fancy foods. It is just a regular foods which anyone can prepare or grow it on your backyard. Hope my sharing can benefits someone. Happy cooking!

Bitter melon’s leaves
Use whatever leaves you can get (I usually collect at least 100 leaves)
*You need to wash with salt for few minutes, otherwise sometimes it has a baby spiders or tiny bugs.
1 garlic
1 bunch of long beans
1 tsp black bean sauce
1 tsp Lao Gan Ma Sauce
1 tsp Indonesian Sweet Sauce

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Heat the wok, add garlic
add long bean
then add all the sauce, if you like a stronger taste
then add more salt and the ingredients
**Bitter melon leaves must add THE LAST, due to the leaves are very soft
and it only need a few min, once the leaves shrink then you need to remove it.

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