Shopping At COSTCO & Cooking Healthy Recipes


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Let’s go shopping at Costco and then go home and make some crab cakes!





  1. Next year, you should do a video on visiting an Amish Farmers market during peak season such as July or August. We have an Amish Farmers Market near my home. They have raw cow's milk, raw cow's cream, and raw sheep milk. They also have yogurt make from raw cow's milk, cottage cheese made from raw cow's milk, and ice cream made from raw sheep milk with coconut sugar and stevia. They also make their own deserts. Some of the deserts are paleo. They have paleo cookies and crackers. They have beef tallow. They have raw honey from their farm. They have maple syrup (from Amish relatives). They also sell their own meat such as 100 percent grass fed beef, pastured chicken, pastured lamb, pastured chicken eggs, and pastured duck eggs. They have homemade granola and homemade noodles. They have their homemade heritage bread, sour dough bread, white bread. They have veggies that are "no spray". They have bee pollen and lavender. They also sell beef tallow. They have different types of raw cheese. They have homemade Kombucha and other drinks.