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First we go shopping at Costco then we make a healthy dinner recipe. Low carb shirataki spaghetti bolognese with crispy prosciutto.

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  1. Bobby, I've been buying the" Heathy Noodles" at Costco. You find them in the refrigerated section. Green box. They look just like a linguini noodle. I made a tuna casserole a few night ago. We did not care for the Miracle noodle, found them crunchy. You get six packs in a box. These are the closest thing I have found yet to a real noodle. I am diabetic and we eat lo carb. If you see them down there please try them.

  2. If your making Bolognese you have to use Beef, Beef Bouillon, Red Wine in the sauce and a dollop of Ricotta to the top before eating. The wine gives it that bomb flavor. They’re not selling the Shiritaki noodles at my Costco but I have tried them and don’t like their texture. I do like the Explore Organic Edamame Spaghetti.

  3. Like the information, today great my family has diabetes in there And this is a major reason I come here your recipe book also is just what we both need here.I personally like Greek food a lot going to get dolmas from Whole Foods tomorrow Say hi to sweet Rose? Looks like peek-a-boo so cute

  4. Shirataki (白滝, 白 means white, 滝 means waterfalls ) noodles !!!
    We Japanese usually put Shirataki noodles in Sukiyaki cooking ,
    but your recipe gave me a stimulus for my Shirataki noodle cooking repertoire.
    I would try to make this healthy and delicious recipe. Thank you sir!

  5. I don’t trust my healthy eating from a guy who reviews subway sandwiches, Wendy’s fast food, ECT. He may know more than the general population but he is ignorant or a sellout .… For anyone who is reading this the most healthy foods that you want to constantly put in your body are fresh fruits, vegetables and clean organic Meats /seafood in moderation if you’re not vegetarian. And even some grains. It is life-changing. The key is whole Real Foods. If you eat packaged foods consistently you will not stay healthy or get healthy, period.