sesame milk recipe | high calcium vegetarian recipes | diabetic diet


sesame milk recipe | high calcium vegetarian recipes | diabetic diet

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Ayurvedic properties of sesame seeds:
• Sesame seeds are widely used in Ayurveda from ancient period, in medicinal preparation. As per ayurvedic perspective, sesame seeds have bitter, pungent, astringent and sweet taste. They enter the body with a very quick absorption level.
• They balances Vata(vataghna) and kapha dosha and slightly increases pitta dosha
• Detoxify the body (vishghna)
• Promote intelligence (medhavardhaka)
• Improve digestion (agnivardhaka)

Innumerable health benefits of Sesame Milk
1. Sesame milk is a nutrient rich plant based milk & a healthy alternative to dairy milk
2. They are nutritious source of plant protein
3. It is a rich source of Calcium and support healthy bones, reduces joint pain and arthritis
4. High in magnesium, which may normalize blood pressure levels
5. Sesame seeds boost heart health and may lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides
6. It has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces inflammation
7. Good source of thiamine, niacin and vitamin B6
8. Helps in blood sugar control, prevent and manage Diabetes
9. Rich in antioxidants and combat oxidative stress
10. Good source of iron and helps in blood cell formation
11. It support immune system & Aid in hormonal balance during Menopause
Sesame seeds are rich source of selenium and supports thyroid health

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  1. Thanks that a great video. I like how you detail the health benefits of the food. Would you happen to know Ayurvedic medicine/ plants for ADHD by any chance, not so much the physically hyperactive but the attention deficit side of it? And actually when you have that you cannot meditate, which of course would help but is not accessible!

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