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Hi everyone, Welcome back to Nee Sheng Happy Kids Channel.

You can get a list of simple and quick recipes for a busy day especially for a working mother including bakers recipes for cakes, buns and breads. In my channel you can get the 5-10mins cooking recipes, soup recipes that is easy and quick to prepare and yet it is delicious and nutritious healthy meals for our beloved family.

Today I am going to show you the secret to make this creamy and milky white fish head soup.
You can get any fresh fish from the market.

First, we will just need to heat up the frying pan over high heat, then placed the cleaned fixh and cook over medium heat until it is cooked and through golden brown. Then, transfer it onto a plate.

Besides the fish, we also need the parleys leaves, ginger, pickles mustard green, tofu, tomato, long cabbage, prawns and water.
Here I am using the smart cooker to cook the soup.

Check this soup out. This soup is so tasty with savory sweet broth with milky smooth feel is something one can be difficult to dislike. The making a good fish broth can seem like a daunting task but you can see, it is pretty easy that we can cook it at home.
All that we need to do is the preparation secret that I just showed you. And the results is so satisfying with best tasty, flavourful and creamy milky white homemade Chinese fish soup that all of us love it.

There are 3 secrets here:-
1. The use of tofu in the soup also helps make the fish broth white.
2. Frying the fish beforehand also helps keep the fish in one piece. This is important for best presentation and most important if you will serve the fish soup to young children or elders who are more prone to choking on fish bones.
3. Fish soup is typically require a quick boil – 15 minutes will typically do. For more flavor, prawn, squid or pork can also be added to the fish soup for a richer taste.

1. Heat up the frying pan over high heat. Fry the fish head and fish until golden brown. Then transfer to a plate.
2. For the soup, we will just need to put in the Chinese cabbage and tomatoes. Prickles mustard green, ginger into the boiling pot/smart cooker.
3. For extra fragrance, add in the Shaoxing wine, and sesame oil.
4. Then add in the water and simmer for 20mins in the stove or cook with steam function for 30mins using smart cooker.
5. When the soup is cook for 20 mins, add in the fry fish, prawn and tofu. Also the parsley leaves.
6. Last step is to add in the milk. Cook for another 5-8mins.

500gm of fresh fish head and fish meat.
330gm of prawn
1 packet of tofu
100gm of prickled mustdard green.
1 medium size ginger
2 tomatoes
6 big slices of Chinese cabbage
1 stalk of parsley leaves.
1.2tbsp of Shaoxing wine
1tsp of sesame oil
150ml of milk
1 litre of water
A dash of salt


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