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Today we’re making pasta salad. Again. But different! A new one! This is not a “every vegetable in the crisper” pasta salad and it’s certainly not an “antipasto platter in a bowl” pasta salad. In the pasta salad world I’m living in, pasta salad is a focused and thoughtful assembly of a few ingredients, all treated a little differently– in this case, burst, jammy tomatoes, vinegar marinated onions and crumbles of hard, salty cheese (if you want), and a very cool, extremely special secret ingredient (it’s sun-dried tomatoes). This pasta salad is meant to be enjoyed as a side dish, with grilled chicken, or perhaps a hot dog. Welcome back from the 80s and 90s, sun-dried tomatoes, we (and all our pasta salads) have missed you.

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00:00 Secret Ingredient Pasta Salad
00:34 Don’t treat pasta salad as a dumping ground
02:23 The secret is sun-dried tomatoes!
03:54 Cook it, drain it, dress it
06:20 Quick, brief, extremely rapid tomato saute
09:46 Don’t throw away that sun-dried tomato oil
12:55 One “hour” later…
14:00 That’s a pretty dope pasta salad

Director: Daniel Hurwitz (@dannyhurwitz)
DP: Dennis Robert Thomas (@dennisorthomas)
B-Cam: Sean Ryan
Audio: Yves Albaret (@yvesarmand)
Editor: Rick Symonds (
Culinary: Rebecca Firkser (@rebeccafirkser)

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  1. I make a very similar version of this pasta salad too. I go crazy with herbs so I blend sun dried tomatoes and mix that with pesto to make sun dried tomato pesto, one of the best things in the world. Then I also add some chopped parsley at the end. 10/10 great summer dish when people don’t want to stand next to a hot stove for 2 hours.

  2. I love sun dried tomatoes. I just love them. I eat them straight out of the jar. I also eat anchovies straight out of the tin. Who needs a plate! Capers are the greatest briny nuggets that have ever been created. Hey, what about an hors d’œuvres episode?

  3. I love that there's a guy who runs the thermometer. Rob Thomas you are my hero. My kitchen thermometer's still in the box about two years later. Saw Alison grab that thing and lashed right out to have one. And there it sits. But knowing about the Rob Thomas credit, I'm reignited on the thermometer front. Took it out the box and set it on the counter, ready to roar. Feels like one of those life-changing moments.

  4. I am Italian and I usually do my pasta salad with cherry tomatoes confit: put them in a pan with olive oil, brown sugar, fresh Thyme or basil. Cooked them till they caramelize. Then I toss the pasta and add the other ingredients. Try it, it’s delicious 😊