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  1. Hola! I am Spanish! yeah, we do not put chorizo in paella, but add what you like, why not? I think your recipe is pretty good.I'm quite impressed. I would have cooked the grated tomato a bit before adding the veggies but apart from that… You can also add mussels and the prawn with the shell. Lol, socarrat! yes, it is the burnt part of it! it looks very nice I must say. How much water do you add per grams of rice cauliflower pls?

  2. Say: is there any keto-friendly food that you can recommend as a mild, nurturing diet for people with upset stomachs, and those who suffer / recover from gastro-intestinal disease?
    (I'm talking about level 2 puree and gruel hospital food, like porridge, congee, mashed potatoes, semolina paste,…, the stage between broth and steamed chicken and veggies.)
    Thank you!

  3. Let me tell you that the ingredients in your rice are really close to the ones my mum is using to prepare the Seafood Paella and we are from Valencia where the Paella was born. So congratulations, regarding the chorizo that I know a lot of british people love in everything and it looks that around the world too hahaha….. there is something called paella mixta that means seafood and meat mixed, if you add chorizo to the recipe It would be a mixed paella. I personally do not like paella mixta because of the flavours. If it is paella valenciana with vegs and meat you really taste the meat, same with seafood. But If you mix seafood and meat, you are missing one of the flavours because one is stronger than the other. By the way, chorizo maybe goes well with seafood as it has a strong flavour. Please let us know if you added the chorizo out of camera and if it was ok. Many, many thanks for your great work. I love you both and the word "socarrat" made me smile for a while… Socarrat it is not even a Spanish word, It is Valencian, just for you to know. 🙂 Thankssssssssss


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