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Sweet pongal is an item that is compulsorily made on the day of Sankranthi, a key Indian festival. It is typically made from rice. If you want to give sweet pongal a further healthy , then you should make this lip-smacking dish using a millet like foxtail millet. As given in this sweet pongal recipe, if you use jaggery, rather than sugar, to make sweet pongal, it gets additional points on the health scale.

Millet is an healthy food, which is said to prevent or help manage diabetes, have fiber, be gluten-free, be good for the heart and has other health benefits.

How about the taste if you prepare sweet pongal using foxtail millet?
The taste is almost the same as of the regular sweet pongal. That is, the sweet pongal made from this millet tastes great.

In the sweet pongal recipe, the ingredients are few. Foxtail millet takes the center stage in the recipe. Moong, cardamom pwd, cashew nuts, dry grapes and ghee blend to give sweet pongal a mouth-watering taste.

Do you know that moong is an item in the sweet pongal recipe that works also as a cooling agent?
Because millet like Foxtail millet is a heat item, moong helps to balance the heat effect.

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