Roasted Tomato Soup | The Perfect Autumn Pantry Item


I recently shared in a video all of my favorite things to can with tomatoes. In that video, I told you one of them was tomato soup – and that you should go watch my video on it. Well, it turns out I never filmed a video on it. So today I’m making up for it – we’re going to do another round because I love it so much ♥ This is a pressure canning video, and the jars I’m using are from Le Parfait. Here’s some links to them: 250ML: 500ML: 750ML: 1L: ————— 👕 Shop Our Merch: 🌻 HOSS Garden Tools & Seeds: (Promo Code SHOP1870 for free seeds!) 🌱MIGardener: (Promo Code 1870 for 10% off!) 🌺 GREENSTALK Vertical Planter: (Promo Code SHOP1870 for $10 off!) 🥫 FORJARS Canning Lids: (Promo Code SHOP1870 to get 10% off) 🍃 HARVEST Right Freeze Dryers: 🛒 AMAZON Our Favorite Products: ————— Mailing Address: That 1870’s Homestead PO Box 179 Newport, MI 48166 ————— ✅ Connect with Us 🐐 Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: EMAIL: [email protected] ————— Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links – at no additional cost to you. We will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase, after clicking through the links. ♥ Todd & Rachel ————— .





  1. I have an idea for you about tomato overflow liquid. It's what I do, mostly for a pasta sauce base. So the pans of frozen tomatoes, but just the tomatoes, in for 30 or whatever mins to start liquifying. Prep a 3rd (maybe also 4th) tray of onions, carrots/etc., celery, paprika/seasoning peppers, etc. one to two pans depending on depth, and condition of the veggies.

    My carrots are always grated and frozen, so I'm just tossing those from frozen under onions. Which may also be frozen, depending on how curing went. Celery, also frozen… The theme I have is always freezer emptying. Ladle/scoop as much of that tomato liquid into the onion tray/s. Do that at least twice (I like one roasting cycle after pulling off the skins), unless it's all paste tomatoes.

    Especially if pans are ahem, overloaded. Can flip large tomatoes, after a good liquid lowering, to get more of that roasted effect. While the tomato pans are cooling, pop the onion, carrot pan/s in to roast. Result, overstuff pans don't end in oven cleanup on an already busy day. (Can you tell I tend to not grow that many paste tomatoes?) I'm actually trying your new to you recipe right now because I have no space for all these recent tomatoes.

    When you write that 'canning and what to make with canning' cookbook, I'm in! Don't forget a junk food spinach pie made with canned Malabar spinach. The files on my laptop are less than portable (erm, massive gaming laptop), and not the most inspiring without pictures. 🙂 My recipe journals look crazy with edited recipes too. Hard to puzzle out what on earth I wrote when it's all a distant memory! I get them sorted out on new blank pages very slowly. lol

  2. I had to stop in again and tell you that we opened the first pint of roasted tomato soup for lunch and my husband can not stop commenting on how “restaurant quality” it is! And did I keep the recipe so I can make it again? Ha! have to agree, it is the best tomato soup I have ever had. The only thing that wasn’t grown here was the celery and that makes it all the more special. I also wanted to thank you for including the info on your pans flowing over! I avoided that by using a turkey baster and siphoning it into a bowl. If not for your warning I wouldn’t have noticed until the steam started billowing out of the oven! 😮I didn’t add sugar or stock so it stayed nice and thick.

  3. I’m going to make this tomorrow with the last of my tomatoes and other things in my garden. I do have a couple of questions. Do you use the juice from the roasted vegetables or just the solids? What temperature do you use to roast them? I have canned up more than I usually do this year since the price of food in the PNW is very expensive. Thank you for sharing all of your delicious recipes!

  4. I do the beginning part of this process and my wife does the final cooking and seasoning, etc. The last batch, she asked me to try and get as many seeds out as possible before I roasted them. Boy, was that a task! Does anyone else try and separate out as many seeds as possible??